Maravia Country Club Estates is the premier residential development in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Situated adjacent to Tecolote Beach, Maravia’s custom crafted homes feature magnificent "Views to live for" of the Sea of Cortez, Espiritu Island, unique desert mountain peaks and future golf courses. A truly special environment, Maravia's private, gated community leads Mexico's Baja peninsula in green awareness while maintaining a luxurious lifestyle for its residents. Maravia's custom built homes are engineered for the sun, utilizing photovoltaic solar panels and storage systems to power all energy needs, including air conditioning. Conservation of Baja’s precious water resources is accomplished through the desalination process, which extracts pure drinking water from the Sea of Cortez. Security and peace of mind are provided by the availability of policies from First American Title Insurance.

The Sea of Cortez (Gulfo California) is a water lover’s dream come true! While standing in Maravia’s Palapa Vista, one can extend their arms as wide as they can reach and discover water views in the left palm and water views in the right palm – 180º plus of water – ranging in color from deep blue to piercing green complemented by sun-kissed ripples and fish-filled sea canyons.

Called the “aquarium of the world” by Jacques Cousteau, the Sea is famous for fishing and diving; and, Isla Espiritu Santo is only a 15 minute ponga ride from Maravia. Stretching 26 miles in length, there are 16 environmentally protected, pristine beaches; and, there are snorkeling and dive-spots everywhere! You may visit on your own or for a nominal fee, local guides will take you to the Island for a private picnic, unique camping, kayaking, swimming or exploring. Visitors come from all over the globe; but, as an Maravia owner, you are here!

Maravia and Championship Golf

Maravia’s Championship, 18 hole golf course, Colmillo de Coyote (Fang of the Coyote), is designed by the highly acclaimed Schmidt-Curley team of Scottsdale, Arizona. Although hard to impress, Schmidt-Curley put it in simple terms while discussing the selected course topography: “Its a natural – like Scottsdale; Tucson; or, Phoenix with beaches.”

The 7264 yard, par 72 course is flanked by mountains and meanders into the foothills of the El Coyote region, offering spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez. The Maravia golf Course is a target style desert layout with minimal disturbance to the existing terrain. The course has been designed to avoid impacts to the majority of the desert washes that run through the property.

Maravia’s Mountains and Desert

Majestic mountains border Maravia’s picturesque desert. From morning to night, and season to season, the views are ever-changing.

In the morning, the early rays of the sun first spark the mountain peaks, casting long purple shadows across a living and vibrant desert, home to giant Cordon Cactus and forests of countless varieties of other cactus and desert flora. Although it rarely rains – flowers bloom, butterflies fill the sky and the ever present, but private, wild horses come out and graze freely upon heretofore invisible green foliage.

As fiery, multi-colored sunsets signal the approach of evening, this magic ritual repeats itself in reverse, and all is well!

Maravia’s Beaches

Maravia’s residents and guests can enjoy many miles of beaches, starting in La Paz and ending up at Maravia’s Tecolote Beach – the most popular of La Paz’s many beaches. Tecolote stretches for almost two miles and currently has three quaint restaurants – all palapa style but each with its own character. Weekdays will usually find the beaches almost deserted; the exception being arrival of tour buses and visitors, literally, from all over the world.

Sunday is the day when the locals fully enjoy Tecolote, as well as other area beaches. Families will begin arriving around 11:00am and stay as long as daylight will permit. Most enjoy lunch under an umbrella but young and old alike often take to the water during their stay – kayaks, watercraft, parasailing and swimming coexist nicely.

Friends and Sunsets

Sunsets are special everywhere, but especially here! As the sun begins to disappear behind the cliffs some 20 miles west of La Paz, reflections on the Sea are almost always the same and yet change constantly with the dance of a million colors (purples, greens, reds and blues) – a soft light show that always excites the imagination. Each color seems to try and outshine the other; the contest is beautiful and warm.

It is at this time that friends and acquaintances alike pause and say thank you for another wonderful day in what truly is a paradise by the Sea. When one has been here for awhile, there is no doubt that tomorrow will be just like today, wonderful; or, perhaps even a little bit can hardly wait!